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In 2009, approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), the Partner State Key Laboratory of Ultraprecision Machining Technology (PSKLUMT) was established by PolyU. It was the partner of State Key Laboratory of Precision Measurement Technology and Instruments in Tianjin University and Tsinghua University. In September of 2018, it was approved by MOST to rename as the State Key Laboratory of Ultra-precision Machining Technology (SKLUMT). The laboratory, formerly the Ultraprecision Machining Centre (UMC), was established in 1996. The objective of the laboratory is to undertake research on ultraprecision machining technologies and precision surface metrology so as to enhance the capability of Hong Kong and Mainland China in the design, fabrication and measurement of advanced optics and critical precision components.

Congratulations to Prof. Benny Cheung and Prof. Sandy To being conferred the Scientific and Technological Progress Award (2nd Class) from the Guangdong Province Science and Technology Award 2019. 恭喜張志輝教授與杜雪教授榮獲2019年度廣東省科學技術獎 - 科技進步獎二等獎!
Project title: Key Technology for Integrated Injection Molding and Rolling of Wide Ultra-thin Polymer Micro-structured Optical Elements 得獎項目: 聚合物微結構超薄光學器件注軋成型關鍵技術及其產業化
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