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Granted Patents

1.   LED Automotive Fog lamp (USA patent no: 12/399,167 Granted in 2011)
2. The Mechanism of Zoom Lens Device (China patent no: ZL 200810091856.9 Granted in 2011)
3. Methods and apparatus of aligning surfaces (USA patent no: US7,619,749B2 Granted in 2010 HK patent no: HK109987)
4. A hybrid microlens and progressive V-groove design of backlight system (China patent no: ZL200510083259.8 Granted in 2009)
5. Design of a side emitting lens for LED lighting (China patent no: ZL 200510087410.5)
6. A High-power LED Street Lighting System with a Modular Lamp Holder (China patent no: ZL200820001242.2)
7. Development of a LED road lamp with precision optical reflectors (China patent no: ZL200720059789.3)


Filed Patents

1.   A Novel Free-form Single Objective Lens Compatible with Blu-ray Disc and China Blue High-definition Disc (China application no: 201110064373.1)
2. Freeform lens for LED roadlamps (China application no: 200910133428.2)
3. Novel Single Compatible Objective Lens for Multi-type Optical Discs (China application no: 201110251728.8)
4. Zoom lens module with a programmable and microcontroller-controlled mechanism (China application no: 200810134895.2)
5. LED Automotive Tail Lamp Set (USA application no: 12/222,825)
6. A high-power LED Street Lighting System with freeform optics (China application no: 200810086893)
7. Development of a methodolgy for the design of an optical reflector for a LED road lamp (China application no: 200810085297)



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