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Ultra-precision Measuring System

Park's XE-70: Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) Measurement System


Park’s XE-70 provides artifact free imaging with out of plane motion of less than 2 nm over the entire scan range and up to 25 μm Z-scan.

Major features include:

XY scanner: resolution: smaller than 1.5nm (closed-loop) and 0.01nm (open-loop)
Z scanner: noise level is 0.02nm (typical)/ 0.05nm (maximum)
Pre-mounted diamond tip for nano-indentation and nano-lithography
Scan range of XY-scanner: 5nm, 50nm, or 100nm
Working distance of Z-scanner: 12nm or 25nm

Hitachi Electron Microscope TM3000

Even non-conducting specimens or samples containing moisture can be imaged directly, over a magnification range of 15x to 30,000x.

Alicona IFM G4: 3D Optical Measuring System


The Alicona IFM G4 is a non-contact type, 3 dimensional optical devices which based on Focus-variation, for quality assurance in the micro- and nano- ranges. Both topographic and color information can be registered in true color. It is able to measure complex details such as steep flanks, cutting angles, and cutting edge radii; perform “Profile Analysis,” “Area Analysis,” “Form Analysis,” “Volume Analysis,” and “2D Image Analysis.”

Major features include:

Vertical resolution up to 10mm
Vertical measurement speeds of up to 2.5mm per second
Fast automation of measurement tasks via scripting
Automatic inspection of welding spots during production
Measurement of critical geometrical dimensions as well as the roughness of the blastered surface

Wyko NT8000 Optical Profiling System


The Wyko NT8000 is simply the most capable optical profiler available for the non-contact measurement of step heights, roughness, and surface topography of MEMS, metal materials, semiconductors, medical devices, precision lenses and more.

Major features include:

Gauge-capable measurement with sub-nanometer vertical resolution
8mm vertical scan range with sub - nanometer resolution
Internal reference enabling self-calibrating accuracy over the entire range

New form Talysurf PGI 1240


The New Form Talysurf PGI 1240 is a contact type measuring system used to measure the surface texture, waviness, dimension and form of optical flat, spherical and aspheric surfaces with a resolution down to 0.8nm. Our project team has been contacted by Talyor Hobson Ltd to jointly develop 3D surface analysis software to support freeform measurements of surface.

Major features include:

200mm X range, 12.5 mm Z range, 0.1um form error
3D measurement capability
0.125um data spacing (small optics)
New aspheric analysis software

Zygo Laser Interferometric Non-contact Profiler System

The Zygo system is a non-contact measurement system used to measure the profile and irregularity of an ultra-precision machined surface. Spherical and flat optical surface s can be tested without making contact with the measured surfaces. The systems can also be used to determine the centre error and tool offset in ultra-precision machining.

Gokosha LT 24 Vertical Autocollimator

The Gokosha LT 24 is a vertical autocollimator for inspecting the focal plane of lenses. It can also be used for other measurements such as the side images (by leaning the collimator), the reliability of interchangeable lenses, and aberrations in inferior lenses.

Pearl Centering Microscope

The Pearl Centering Microscope is a capable measuring instrument used to check the alignment of the optical axes for optical surfaces. During the measurement, the microscope is focused on the top and bottom surfaces of the lens respectively. By reading out the positions of the cross line images, the concentric error between the top and bottom optical axes can be easily measured.


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